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There's Gold in Your Website's Server Log

There's Gold in Your Website's Server Log
There's Gold in Your Website's Server Log

Lots of Webmasters have never bothered to view their internet site's web server log. Ignoring your server log is the equivalent of flying with a blind pilot. You may still be traveling along, however, you have no idea where you are or where you're headed. If your internet site is on a totally free host, you possibly don't have access to the web server log. Nevertheless, if you pay for your host, or if you possess the web server, you generally have some accessibility to the server log.

In this post, you'll discover what kind of information a regular server log offers, how to analyze that details, and exactly how to use that information to guide your website in instructions for development and success.

The power of web server log analysis software applications differs depending upon the web host, as well as it's not related to just how much you pay for the hosting service. I have actually seen some very low-budget web hosts with effective server log evaluation software applications, as well as some costly internet hosts that supply just a limited utility.

The value of the web server log evaluation software application is second only to up-time dependability when it involves the host. A web server log can inform you that are visiting your website, where they're coming from, what operating system as well as web internet browser they're utilizing, what pages of your site they are checking out, and also far more. A smart web designer carries out routine monthly analysis of the beneficial info included in the server log.


Some web designers extol the variety of "hits" their website receives, however the hits themselves are trivial. When a search engine spiders your site, it creates a hit for every page it checks out. There are methods to create countless hits on a site without anyone ever actually checking out a solitary web page.

The essential statistics are "web page sight hits" and also "one-of-a-kind visitors". Server log analysis software application must tell you the number of times each web page was checked out. Evaluating the appeal of specific pages informs you where to position your crucial promotions, and what type of brand-new content you need to contribute to your website.

The king of all statistics is the variety of unique visitors your website gets. When it involves offering advertising and marketing or joining the most exclusive associate programs, a high number of distinct visitors every month is the fact that obtains regard.

Good evaluation software will inform you exactly how numerous pages each visitor checked out as well as how much time they stayed on your website. The goal is to establish web content that gets your visitors to stay much longer, a quality often described as "stickiness".

On the various other hand, high transmission capacity intake makes your internet site respond slower (as well as the majority of web hosts bill extra for transmission capacity beyond a certain restriction). What you want is to develop your internet pages so they make use of bandwidth effectively, and also you desire to be on the hunt for people that are taking your data transfer (generally by connecting to images on your internet site).


If you are getting a high volume of web traffic from an additional internet site, you can almost think about that internet site to be your business companion. It would certainly be to your benefit to find methods to make your website a lot more beneficial to the referring site.

One usual technique of aiding referrers is to place a reciprocatory web link on your site. Don't bother placing the reciprocatory web link on a "web links" page with hundreds of various other links (a web link ranch). If you can't offer a straightforward reciprocatory web link, it's far better to do absolutely nothing. An honest mutual link could be a web page having a review of the referrer's site, and also that page should have only a few various other web links.

Search Strings

Good web server log analysis software application will offer you the key phrases as well as search strings people entered at a search website to find your website. One way to obtain more web traffic to your website is to offer more web content associated with the top keywords.

Search engine optimization is scientific research by itself, covered in various other write-ups, however, I will certainly reveal a secret trick as an instance of SEO tactics. Starting with leading keywords, generate every possible misspelling of that keyword phrase and place those at the top of your page with the text color the exact same as the web page history. (Note: I do not utilize that method or any other SEO techniques myself because if you get caught the search engines will penalize your website.).

Platform, as well as User Agent Good web server log evaluation software program, will tell you which operating systems and which browser brands and versions individuals are utilizing to access your website. At the time of this writing, one of the most common ora is Windows XP and also one of the most common browsers is Internet Explorer version 6. You will discover a wide array of running web browsers and also systems accessing your site. However, they are not all compatible.

The fact is, you can't design your website to be 100 percent suitable for every operating system and also internet browser in usage today. Your statistics will probably reveal that 90 percent of your site's visitors are using the latest or the previous variation of Internet Explorer.

Nation Information.

A good web server log evaluation software application will tell you which countries your internet site visitors are situated in. Analysis of the bucarotechlp.com server logs shows that visitors lie in every country, town, and also community on earth. This brings about the question, should you produce several variants of each page to fit site visitors from other nations? It depends upon your service and your sources. The fact is that the language of service and also commerce across the world is English, and I receive constant e-mails, in English, from around the planet.

Important Ways to Use Server Log Information.

Site Design.

Keep in mind that the typical internet site had a grey background as well as a single photo in the middle of the page. Does your server log "system" and also "user agent" statistics tell you that many of the visitors to your website are using Windows XP with Internet Explorer Version 6, while your website is developed for Windows 95 and also Internet Explorer Version 4?

I assume it's a mistake to develop a website that needs your visitors to have the most recent bleeding-edge innovation. On the other hand, if the remainder of the internet is making use of ASP (Active Server Pages) to create customized pages on the fly that make use of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to produce webpages that look like glossy publication web pages and DHTML (Dynamic HTML) to offer interactivity, it may be time for you to examine those innovations.

The aesthetic design and also technical degree of your website reflect the top quality of your service or service if your internet site is a business website or an E-commerce website. To figure out the correct aesthetic style and also innovation degree of your website needs you to keep track of three points.

  1. 1. Your rivals. You wish to look as in style as they do, however, stay clear of following them, later on, to puff up plugins (Macromedia Flash). 2. The part of your target market using broadband Internet Access. Much less than half of the U.S. Make certain your webpages load within 20 secs over a 56kbps modem connection. 2. Your web server log platform and customer representative data. Your websites need to be developed to be suitable with the present most popular os and internet browser version.

Webhost Performance.

Webhosting supplies 2 fundamental sorts of solutions, shared holding and also devoted organizing. There might be hundreds of various other sites sharing the very same computer as your site if your internet site is on a shared host. This restricts the efficiency of your website. Lots of host providers use "data transfer strangling" to avoid one site from grabbing all of the offered bandwidth.

As your website expands and also brings in boosting web traffic, it will certainly require even more of the host computer systems processor time and even more data transfer. Screen your web server log hits and also bandwidth stats. Eventually, your internet site might strike a performance wall surface and you may need to relocate to a higher quality of holding, or a different host business to continue development.

When relocating to various host firms, do not rely on the specs they give. Check numerous various host directory sites that allow site visitors price, Webhosting. If numerous different web host directory sites have several customers that give a Webhosting firm a high rating, that's the firm you desire to trust with your website.

Internet site Topic.

As you analyze specific website server data (for example, "page sight hits", and "top online search engine key phrases") and also make adjustments, you might discover the material of your internet site drifting away from your original intent. Eventually, you may need to decide, Am I posting likely to chase after traffic and alter the topic of my website, or am I a lot more interested in concentrating on the subject of my choice?

If the original objective of your site was to earn money most of all else, then let your site visitors steer your website's material. There's nothing incorrect about keeping that. Everybody's got to earn a living. If the initial goal of your website was to be a source on a subject that you are passionate concerning, then you might require to reassess the material of your internet site.

I would suggest having the very best of both worlds. Adhere to web content related to the subject of your site, however, delineate a wide enough scope of the topic so that when your server data aim out a chance to increase traffic, you have regulations to guide you.

In this post, you learned some of the types of info you can extract from your internet server log and also some effective ways to use that details to guide your internet site in instructions for growth as well as success. If you are among those webmasters that have never bothered to view their website's server log, you now recognize that you have actually been overlooking some gold nuggets.

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An internet server log can inform you that are visiting your website, where they're coming from, what operating system and web internet browser they're making use of, what web pages of your website they are seeing, as well as a lot more. Does your server log "system" and also "individual agent" statistics inform you that most of the visitors to your internet site are utilizing Windows XP with Internet Explorer Version 6, while your site is made for Windows 95 and Internet Explorer Version 4? If your website is on a common host, there may be hundreds of various other websites sharing the exact same computer as your internet site. If the original goal of your site was to make cash above all else, then allow your visitors to guide your website's material. If the original objective of your site was to be a source on a topic that you are passionate about, then you may need to reassess the content of your website.